my latest visit to KAYA SKIN CLINIC was surely one i will remember. this time around i went to their branch at sultan business center and met with dr. marwa abdelaziz el badawy and had very insightful session. she took me for a skin analysis which i seriously recommend everyone to try. i have never seen my skin up close and personal and every little detail she discussed sparked so much interest. i was scared at first coz i didnt want to hear anything bad but it was good to hear that my skin was actually in good condition (the only thing to note was that my skin was so thin and sensitive in comparison to some so it meant extra care was needed). i did not have major wrinkles, and the few that i had was most probably caused by a little dryness which i could take care of easily. plus my treatment was working well. so all is good and dandy. thank you team kaya ♥ it also showed in depth my dark circles. which surprisingly was barely there. we initially tried the skin analysis because we wanted to check how the DCR therapy would take effect on me.

DCR (dark circle reduction) therapy is something i knew i wanted to try. i am sure everyone suffers from dark circles – with all those sleepless nights, stress and lifestyle fiasco, any amount of concealer cannot even rectify. i have never really paid much attention to my dark circles because i technically knew i didnt have it that bad. in recent years, i became more mindful about my sleeping patterns, stress and complete lifestyle. so it was good to know after my skin analysis that i didnt really have a much to worry about when it comes to those ugly dark circles.

anyways, DCR basically boosts areas within your eyes with carbon dioxide which are starved with oxygen. comes with a bit of needle time. yes. i tried it. bravely went in, closed my eyes and survived. no it didnt hurt. so dont worry. just a bit of pressure but nothing too major. it took a couple of minutes – no longer than 5 if i remember correctly and as i finished up, i felt a little refreshed. my dark circles may not be as major but it was good to note that i did see some sparkle and brightness on my face, most especially within my eyes which was good. BUT, because i tried this with fellow blogger tinayums – i was so amazed at how much this therapy worked (with those who had a much deeper need with the condition of their dark circles). her eyes were much more darker and puffy compared to mine and when i watched her session, i was absolutely amazed at the amount of difference – the DCR treatment surely worked wonders on her. and to think this was just a trial session. you can clearly see that the darkness faded and her eyes was not as deep and tired looking. the DCR therapy can go between 4-10 sessions depending on the condition of your dark circles so a good consultation with a kaya doctor is best. and believe me, i so recommend it for everyone to try. the results are just absolutely amazing.

i am on session 3 for my chemical peel and everything looks dandy. cant wait for my 4th session and see what i will be doing next in my journey with KAYA SKIN CLINIC to beautiful clear skin.

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the skin analysis was absolutely amazing…learned so much about the condition of my skin.

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the DCR therapy and its result as shown clearly in this image of fellow blogger tinayums – the with and without. seriously amazing.