i welcome the new year with great love for KAYA SKIN CLINIC. i know i am not the only one who has had or have problems with their face and the lovely team of KAYA has taken me on board to help me have that #nomakeup #nofilter look…i started with my first treatment last december where they removed my brown spots which covered almost 80% of my face. you can check the post – here. and just as we entered 2015, i went in for my second treatment which was the chemical peel. long breathe coz as as easy as the first treatment was (with just a small amount of “ouch”), this one was way different.

i went in to the clinic feeling a bit nervous. i did my research and had enough information from my doctor during my consultation. but of course its always different when you are there already for the treatment itself. the assistant gave me a small briefing to prepare myself, the do’s and don’ts. and answered a few more questions i had. i was ready. ready as i could be. AND THEN OUCH!!! haha..

they first prepared my skin and as soon as they inform me that they will start with the solution, i felt more that the tiny “ouch” i previously experienced. as i mentioned to you all before, my tolerance for pain is very little so i may be just a bit exaggerated here. i could of course manage the the burning feeling and as soon as reacted, they eased me up as they finished and toned it down as they neutralized the solution on my face. each person will react differently and but definitely not something you will cry of pain with. so dont worry.

as soon as we wrapped up, my face was red. not swollen per say but surely red. i went home covered with a scarf. as by evening, i saw huge patches of brown and purple on my face. it did not hurt but of course it looked a bit scary. i was told to pile on moisturizer the entire time, most especially when my face starts to peel.

i was told that peeling would take a couple of days between 2-7 days or more. the downtime was about two weeks technically. and this session was to last for at least 4 more (i was only on my first). i actually did not notice my skin peeling initially coz i was piling on so much moisturizer. but on the 3rd day, after washing my face, i felt the rough skin coming off easily as i washed up. and when i finished they were gone. by the 4th day, i was clear and my skin was perfectly renewed. and beautifully glowing…

as you can see from the photo i enclosed, no load of makeup except for loose power and lipstick. and no major editing too (just the beauty of curves and sharpen and voila). can i just emphasize how happy i am?! will update you once i finish my 4 scheduled sessions with this chemical peel coz i am excited myself to wrap this up and see the final results. just about two more months baby!!

i sat down with doctor sonia this time around and she gave me the dish on my chemical peel. this treatment reduces the excess sebum on the face and helps reduce pimples. it also has anti-inflammatory properties which can control the possibilities of future acne. as you finish the treatment and upon clearing of the skin, you will see a huge change in your skin…it will be a lot lighter, tighter and definitely glowing. plus less oily and a lot healthy looking.

for now, stand by because i will be giving one beautiful follower a free KAYA GLOW facial. competition details coming this week so stay tuned.

to KAYA SKIN CLINIC and the entire team, thank you so much again. you guys have made this new year so beautiful for me…and i cant wait to continue the journey!

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