i am not sure if it was in high school or college when i first saw K-SWISS shoes but i distinctly remember the classic and how much i wanted one. obviously back then, being known as a tennis shoe brand, it would have looked a bit weird for a gal to walk around with it – simply because i dont play tennis. anyways, forward years later and having had sporty chic work its magic not only out by the streets but also along the pages of a fashion magazine, it is now normal for a woman to walk around in all sorts of sportswear day or night. now being a sneaker freak myself, you can imagine my smile running from ear to ear when the peeps at K-SWISS asked me to join the movement and get the brand back in the streets.

K-SWISS is officially launching in the middle east and what better way to kick start that movement by joining DJ DIPLO and THE BOARD. this is a huge project by the brand that will gather up 100 individuals from all over the world to join together and put back the K-SWISS name back in the forefront. from design, brand positing, marketing, business and social media plans, this is going to be one hell of an exciting project. so if you think you have what it takes, and is up for the huge challenge, join THE BOARD now.

log on to to submit your application. entry deadline is 30th april 2015.

photographs captured by tinayums | creative concept by mahryska


K-SWISS video captured by tinayums | concept/creative direction and editing by mahryska

kswiss4 kswiss2kswiss1