the pandemic gave us a new way into how we live, in our homes. it isn't just four walls anymore. it is a space where we create a life. our life. and that means, creating a space where we can actually live a life that we love - where we can feel, where we can rest, where we can create, and be productive and where we can be inspired as we take care of ourselves.

I am an Interior Designer. Proudly of course, as it took years to learn the trade. But because my interest and love for photography took center stage in my life, I was not able to practice professionally for a long time. But this year I plan on changing that. I am getting back into the groove of things – learning and expanding my knowledge, getting inspired again and exploring the possibilities. I am and will always be proud of myself for being able to achieve whatever I took on and that goes with what I have been able to establish with my photography and social media presence, and so I am jumping on another journey, one that was put on hold, and driving to wherever it leads me.


I am of course starting small. Creating spaces and curating pieces. But I am beyond determined to push open doors.

Visuals via Pinterest

Kick starting my posts with a line up of what’s to come and expect. This is a journey that I am slowly taking, so bare with me as take my time in laying down the foundations, making sure they are strong and steady so I can soar high with my ideas.

I will be discussing things from start to finish, from choosing a space, how to create a vision board, how to curate pieces, how to implement good design with form and function and how you can inject your taste thoughtfully.

People always ask if hiring an Interior Designer is expensive and to be honest yes, it can. But it can also be reasonable and justified depending on what you are looking for because at the end of the day, you hire us for our expertise, our knowledge and our guidance. We can work on budget and that is also a topic I will be discussing in-depth.

For now, stay tuned as I lay down the final touches for the rest of my posts. I am excited to start sharing and introducing more of my work, my ideas and my vision. Until then, live beautifully!!

PS. The irony of this and my situation is actually funny. and sad. And a little reminder of how I felt years ago. That is obviously a story for another day and so all I can say right now is that good things will eventually come and things will one day, make sense.