summer is slowly making its way back in the sandpit and all i can think about right now is making sure i take advantage of whatever good weather we have left coming out here. and that means discovering new locations and shooting to my hearts content in the next couple of weekends. i am sure by now, you all know that i am a desert dweller. and so from time to time, i get my butt over to my backyard and snap some beautiful photographs. and because i went over to the desert, i figured it would a great opportunity to show you one of my favourite pieces from my friends gorgeous collection.

sometimes in the wind of change, we find our true direction…

this beautiful yellow number from the spring/summer 2016 collection of USHI SATO. yellow happens to be my favourite colour – i know it does not seem like it coz i only wear black and grey but seriously, it is. the colour itself just brings a sense of joy and energy for me so whenever i need a little pick me up, i get myself a dose of fresh yellow roses or put on my overused, oversized yellow shirt and im good to go. so when i saw this beauty during a private preview, i told my beloved designer friend that i just had to try it on. it is a stunning dress to bring with you for a summer escapade and it can also be a great alternative for a bridesmaid dress. you can now order the dress online and see more of his amazing collection this season.


photography by princess lovella

now, the one thing i love about this particular shoot was the fact that there was wind blowing. it made it so much easier for the cape to make waves. but never be fooled. it took about a hundred shots to get it right. arm was a bit sore after all the flipping. ha!

finally it is time for me to kick back and enjoy a quiet evening at home, relax with a glass of wine as i browse and read all your amazing comments on previous posts. sending over my love to you guys and cant wait to share my next adventure with you.



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