Good things come to those who hustle…

One of the many frustrations of bloggers can be burning out. When you have a regular job, and when you are committed to produce regular content for your blog, finding the time to actually do everything can be a challenge. I mean, how about being able to stop and relax for a bit or spend some time enjoying life with family and friends? And how about the more crucial question of writers block and our moments of uninspired creativity?!

I think every blogger faces this question at one point or another. How to make all it work and have all the time to do so?

I personally believe in learning to balance everything. From our passion of blogging, to making sure our work does not suffer and have enough time remaining in between to enjoy life and everything else that go with it. It is not easy. And there are days that are a lot harder than others. But we push through. Because as much as we have lazy days, we also have to hustle hard. For the life we want to enjoy and lead.

Putting together a few notes on how to make it a bit more easier, with the hope that it can ease the frustrations…

  • Gather yourself together and note your priorities for the blog. When you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve with it, it will be easier for you to aim at that goal.
  • Set your schedule in producing content. We all know how crucial it is to produce content regularly. But not all of us have the comfort of time, most especially if we have regular jobs to attend to on a daily basis. So it is important to manage your calendar, your shoot schedule and your post schedule.
  • Get a mood board up. We are all visually inclined. So when you when wake up in the morning and see a well managed mood board with your goals, inspiring quotes and images, you will in turn have the drive and motivation to push through the day – be it for blogging or anything else in your life for that matter.
  • Note down the content and articles you want to do. That way, it is easier for you to prepare and conceptualize your images, and set your schedule for the shoot.
  • Shoot your content in one go. I personally shoot my content on weekends (except projects that have set dates during the week) and when I do, I make sure to produce enough that will last me a long time. Simply put, I shoot about 5-6 looks in one day and extra content in between which can fill in the gap on my instagram feed. If I reserve two weekends to shoot content, I can produce enough for one month which gives me the rest of the weekends to chill out and relax. Plus this is a great way for stocking up content when you don’t have your photographer friend to shoot with.
  • Set a realistic schedule for the blog posts. I choose to post once or twice a week for official blog posts which gives me enough time to write them up and make necessary changes in between. If possible, do several drafts so you can just schedule the upload and publish accordingly.
  • I personally like to post regularly on Instagram so it does not seem like I am slacking off in between the week. Strategically, it is advised to post at least 3 times a day on Instagram, which works well if you want to complete your 3 images in a row for the feed. Having extra content shot in between takes helps out with this coz you have more material with you that you can share. Just make sure they are as curated as the rest of your images so it works well with everything. Think great landscapes, details and flatlays, etc. Oh and have a look at the Mosaico app. It helps me set and curate my images for posting on instagram and is great help in organizing it as well.
  • Take small breaks. If you follow me, then you will notice that I take small social media breaks in between. One or two days that I do not upload or communicate online. It is my way of catching up with life and enjoying some time off by myself or with my family and friends. Because most of my weekends are dedicated to producing content, It is important for me to rest in between weeks so I do not burn out. It is a great time to relax, rejuvenate and gather up my energy so I am refreshed, inspired and driven when I get back online.

Making a blog work is tough and it really is a huge challenge. But dedication is key and great time management which can help make sure you have balance in all aspects of your life so your blogging journey is far more easier.

At the end of the day, we have to remember that if we are burned out, we will not be inspired. We won’t have the drive and we won’t enjoy.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!





Photography by Princess Lovella