welcoming a brand new day after a very busy weekend. thank goodness for my new HUAWEI P8 i can keep up with everything no matter how crazy things get. i am sure you know by now that fashion and technology go hand and hand. most especially now that we are online 24 hours a day. for work or play, you definitely never leave the house without it. i have never been that picky with phones. but as the years went by, my needs changed. this is my first time to actually use this brand of technology and was fairly surprised at how much i actually liked using it. definitely user-friendly which is always a plus point (i dont think everyone has the time to actually sit down and figure out how to activate a particular feature) and the phone features pass my quality requirements with flying colors (the camera is worthy of a stand-alone post so stand by coz it is coming up next, along with a few notes on my fave features). oh and the sleek and simple aesthetics makes it even sweeter (hate huge phones that cover up my entire face and by the way, i got the gold version but it does comes in both white and grey just in case you were wondering).

what about you? what are your requirements for a phone?











MLM LABEL top | MANGO culottes | SCHUTZ mules | REISS bag | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses

photography by princess lovella