It simply depends on what your definition of being relevant is…

Recently had a quick catch up with a fellow blogger and the one thing that tickled my head was her comment on me doing such a great job in being able to stick around for so long. I love what I do and I have never really lost touch with my passion for sharing and creating content. Of course I have had my days when I am uninspired but I think that it is pretty normal and we all go through those days sometimes. But overall, I have never really dialled down. After over 10 years of blogging, I am still here.

So the question is, after all these years, how can you stay relevant as a blogger, evolve and stay on top of it all? My answer is simple. It depends on what your definition of being relevant is…

I have never really bothered with what other people thought of me. Nor did I need any acknowledgement. I didn’t care if anyone was reading my blog or following me. If a brand liked me and wanted to work me, then that is great. But if not, and they think I am not worthy to be a part of their lineup or get paid for a project for that matter, then that is fine too – I just don’t work with them. I have never sucked up to brands or PR agencies for a taste of the freebies or an invite to an event. Nor have I pushed myself into any project, campaign or collaboration. I featured what I liked and believed in, wore what I love and concentrated on building relationships with brands/agencies that accepted me wholeheartedly for who I am and believe in my worth and what I do. Basically, I pretty much just tried my best to enjoy every experience that my blog could offer and take in the opportunities that it has opened for me.

I did my own thing. And to this day, I still do. I think that is the reason why my passion for sharing and creating is still very strong. It is because I did it for me. Not for the money, not for the fame, not for anything else. There is a similarly interesting read on remembering why you started blogging – here.

In an industry that has grown in numbers and with so many others diving as fast as it changes every season, staying relevant as a blogger can definitely be a challenge. I think I have said before, not everyone realizes how difficult being a blogger is. A lot start up but most of the time, they can never keep up. It is hard work. And to be honest, passion is the only thing that can really sustain it.

I have put togetherr a few of notes that can most likely help you keep up and hopefully stay relevant…

  • Revamp your blog. Sometimes, having a brand new clean space can help reignite that passion. Browse around, update your layout and organize yourself and your content so that when you relaunch, you are ready and pumped.
  • Create regular content. Obviously this is a given. But being regular matters if you want to stay relevant in this industry. Putting together an editorial content really works wonders because you can easily manage your time by planning up, create and shoot, and then edit/prepare your drafts accordingly. The art of creating multiple contents is easy – plan up your looks, your flatlays and shoot everything in one go so you have content lined up for the next two weeks. Also remember that content is king so make sure to create something interesting, something that you love and enjoy and matters to you. When it represents you, it can never go wrong.
  • Expand and explore. The main point of social media is creating a community and although the numbers don’t matter as much to me, I would have to admit that it does in turn gives us a boost and inspires us to create and do more. We need to remember that we can’t grow without our readers and followers so mainting a readership is important and getting new ones matter too. If we don’t explore and give back the love, we won’t stick. So network, share that love on instagram and comment away on your favourite profiles, along with new ones that catch your attention, visit the latest posts of bloggers and share your opinion. It takes time, but it is worth it. Creating a community is what will keep you relevant no matter what.
  • Do your research and always create something new. It has always been important to keep up with the fast growing blogging industry and one way to do that is to make sure you do your research regularly. What is on trend, what is everyone doing right now or talking about right now. Learn to adapt to new things, explore what will work for you personally and go with it. And always, always create new things. The world is evolving and so is this industry so you need to learn how to go with the flow and evolve with it in the best way you can.
  • Keep your sanity. Blogging can take a huge chunk of our lives and it can drain us, real bad. It would be wise to take small breaks in between just to get our normal personal life in check. Get some rest, rejuvenate and get back some much needed energy and inspiration in between those hectic days. Remember that taking care of ourselves is a far better way to help boost up those blogging vibes and it will surely get us going much farther.

At the end of it all, I truly believe that YOU are enough. If you continue to build that community and keep that passion burning, you will always be relevant, no matter what. 


Dress via Namshi // Hat via Lack of Color // Sunglasses via Chloe // Sandals via Mango