Despite the controversial notes of VOGUE against bloggers, it is still one of the most go-to-ventures by inspired driven individuals. It may come as something easy but it is absolutely one of the most difficult things to do. Simply because you are juggling everything, from content creation, editorial, photography, graphics and website management, down to marketing, accounts and social media. All of this in the same time frame, every single day with no weekends in between.



Blogging has been around for a long time but because it has grown so much in the past few years, and more and more people are diving into it, I thought it would be great to share a little of my thoughts on how you can kick start a fabulous blog, One with great possibilities. We all know how hard it is to start, and believe me when i say that we all go through it. So a little nudge from an oldie like me can probably give you what you need and inspire you to go ahead and do it.


I have always loved playing dress up and enjoyed mixing up trends. Combine that with my passion for photography and voila! My blog concentrates on my personal style, something I absolutely love to do. Mix that with a few of my random thoughts on beauty and lifestyle, plus those quirky adventures in the sandpit. Oh and let’s not forget some great photography work and I am set. Focus on what interests you, what you are passionate about and enjoy doing, and talk about things that you believe in. Having an honest voice counts more because you will never run out of great content that will capture the hearts of your readers.


I have always believed that the environment you work at matters a lot. And I know for a fact that your platform can affect the way you blog. Having a beautiful layout, a controlled website that you own and having the ability to create a proper “branding” for yourself surely helps in your ability to make it as a full pledged professional blogger. Not only does a gorgeous blog layout inspire you to blog more, but it will also highlight your content better.


Great photography and videography has always played crucial rules in successful blogs. As easy as it may be for some with a budget to simply hire photographers and videographers, knowing a thing or two about the craft can help you in creating your own visual aesthetic and making it a reality. Learning the skills and putting in a little more effort in producing original and beautiful content can help amp up your game. So join classes, watch videos tutorials and buy books!


It is not always easy to post regular content but remember that maintaining regular readers means maintaining a proper schedule for your posts. Learn how to best work with your schedule and create a system that will work for you. Remember that your readers do expect updates from you and without regular updates, you will for sure lose out on them. It also does not help that you only post whenever you have projects. Having started a blog meant having the passion and drive to create content whether or not you have projects – not only will this show your love for the blog itself but your driving passion as well in sharing. So remember that being consistent is as important as content so its crucial to learn how you can manage to put more love into your blog – which you have initially committed to creating.


I honestly live in my own little bubble and embrace my own individuality when it comes to my blogging style. Much of that is seen on the kind of images I post and the things I write about and share. What makes us who we are as a person, our own personal style, our beliefs and  interests is what will make your blog YOU. And the blogging community is all about what YOU can share in the world, so people can relate, learn and get inspired.