the weekend is finally here and thought it was only fitting to show the artsy wall behind me. it best describes the world we live in right now – so busy, so colorful and so messed up, in all sorts of good ways. i had a conversation with a few people this week with regards to blogging and how much it has grown in the past two years (yes, blogging is fairly new in the middle east and it was just recently that they have seriously started to kick with it). if you are based here in the UAE, you will realize how much the blogging community has grown out here (a lot of activity goes on around instagram so if you follow me, you will see a lot of the dish). so basically we got down to how many bloggers there are out here, what makes us different from each other, how many of us truly have great, inspiring content and how many bloggers here have actual blog readers that speaks volumes of how far they can really reach out.

blogging to me has always been a huge responsibility. because of the internet, we have the ability to reach out, connect and influence. and that in itself is a big thing. it takes time, loads of effort and serious hard work to put together something that is worthy of reading. the idea of gathering together great content, inspiring stories, and beautiful images of style and fashion have always been my main goal for the blog because its my little creative playground – food not only for my brain but for my soul too. and i strongly challenge myself with every single post, trying my best to let it inspire me. hoping in turn, that it inspires others too.

i mean life is funny like that you see. its a circle. and if you cant give back the inspiration to another person, then life isnt as inspiring anymore isnt it?!

hello, i blog…but have you even asked yourself what kind of a blogger are you?!

ZARA top | NEW LOOK culottes | MARLA LONDON bag | 3.1 PHILLIP LIM shoes | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses

photographs captured by tinayums

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