no beauty will ever shine brighter than that of a good heart..

It is mid-January already and it has been a great few weeks so far with so many things to do and look forward to. Have meet up with my friends so many times this month (far more than I ever did last year as we usually go for months without seeing each other) and it’s been great coz they have been helping me a lot with what I experienced the last quarter of 2021.

Also I am currently busy cooking up something good, something exciting, something amazing. And it has definitely woken up that inspired and driven woman who kinda fell asleep the past two years. I admit the pandemic hit me harder that I thought it did and everything that happened certainly kicked me in the ass to get back on track and never, ever let anything or anyone for that matter, take control of my time, my energy and my good heart.

So, until my next update, KEEP SHINING! xx

Photography byMahryska for GEMORA