Live Boldly. Push Yourself. Never Settle.

The work week has officially started and the best way to kick start is with a brand new look. For those who do not know, I am a full time blogger and do not necessarily have a fixed 9 to 5 schedule which means there are times when I work from home and I am just in my PJs. This year though, I am shaking things up a bit by dressing up every single morning even if I do not have any appointments. I just feel it will help me be more productive every single day. My week now looks relaxed and I have finally recovered from the holidays and wrapped up organizing my space at mahryskaHQ and my calendar for the month which is great coz I can now focus on work, planning my posts and upcoming projects. Super excited and definitely looking forward to some amazing things ahead.

Anyways, as I was putting together my calendar for 2017, i noted a few things to keep in mind to ensure I have a productive and amazing year ahead. And of course, I wanted to share them with you…


Not just for yourself but with your family and friends. Work takes up a huge chunk of our day and week that we sometimes forget that we also need set some time for ourselves to rest and catch up on our relationships. Health is wealth and as much as we love our work, we need to love ourselves too and take care of not only our body but our mind and spirituality as well to ensure we do not burn ourself out. Connecting more with our family and friends can also help because we all know how heart-warming it is when we spend time with the people we love.


When we dream, our mind and hearts are pumped with passion. And when passion kicks in, we are inspired to achieve. And when we have set our goal to achieve, we create. It is an on-going cycle. So don’t stop and always give it your 100%.


They say meditation is important either in the morning when you wake up to help you kick start the day or before bed so you can sleep better in the night. But we often forget to reflect. I believe it is as important because when we reflect on our day, on our actions and on our thoughts, it helps us realize how the day went for us professionally and personally, if we did good or not, if we can do better next time and improve more.


The main goal is to make every single day count. To never stop and keep moving forward in whatever we love to do. It is not always easy. Life never is. And even if there are disappointments along the way, we have to remember that there is always light ahead. Passion can produce such amazing things in life and as they always say, keep that passion burning and keep going ahead, don’t ever let anything stop you in living the life you dream of living and definitely deserve.





Photography by Princess Lovella