Only the wind knows where it will carry our dandelion souls…

I recently attended the Stylist Arabia Social Media Awards where I was nominated for the 2nd year in row for the Lifestyle Social Media Star and the best part about having a good friend who is a designer/stylist is that you can rest easy knowing you will be dressed up well. My beloved friend Ushi Sato created this beautiful dreamy dress for me to wear for the night – which by the way, he only put together in 24 hours. I told him I what I wanted and voila. He found the perfect fabric, the perfect colour and designed the perfect dress that would embody my vision. There are pockets too!! He is just an absolute angel and so so talented, I am super lucky to have him in my life.

I have been nominated numerous times throughout my years of blogging and will always be grateful for the acknowledgement. But yeah, once again I did not take home any award. I am pretty used it now and well, seriously feel I should not even be included in it anymore. So for the nth time, I am your beloved bridesmaid, never the bride. But hey, I may not have won the award but I certainly looked like a winner that night. To all those who voted for me, I am forever grateful for the support and all the love. Thank you so much. To all the winners, congrats!!

Anyways, I did snap a quick photo of this during the event but figured it deserved its own shoot and spot on my blog so we drove to the desert for a little session. It was scorching hot coz summer is about to hit us out here in the sandpit so these were technically snapped in about 5 minutes only. Ok so what do you think of the dress? Do love it? Oh and yes, I am back to my dark side too.