I was asked how much editing photographs can make a bigger impact on Instagram feeds and to be honest with you, as a photographer, it has more to do with photography composition rather than having the ability to use a bunch of editing apps. Editing is just icing on the cake because it is suppose to help you enhance an image, not create it. And I think that is where a lot of people go wrong, especially when presenting their images on their feed.

Learning basic photography and image composition is fairly easy. It is like math, one plus one equals two. Photography after all still very much a technical skill. The only difference is, you can’t learn creativity in a day. And creativity is what makes photography interesting, more engaging and definitely more beautiful to appreciate. I believe that having an eye for creativity is a talent that not everyone has. Much like my non-existent singing talent. True as that may be, I also believe that not having the initial talent, doesn’t necessarily limit you. You can learn if you really want to. It may take time, but I believe that with enough knowledge, practice, effort and determination, you can definitely create beautiful images.

I have been doing photography since I was 7 years old. Let’s not get into my age but that is a huge chunk of experience and practice. My eyes are trained to see. But I still believe that I have so much more to learn. The possibilities of photography is endless and there is no limit to learning and exploring. As long as you are passionate about it, then go ahead.

anyone can take a picture. but a person with creative passion sees the picture before it is taken…

How to Start Improving your Photography Game

  1. Learn the basics of Photography because exposure and composition is key. There are tons of photography books and online websites plus Youtube that can help you in this area. It took me a good year to completely understand the basics so don’t sweat it too much. Take your time. What matters is you learn the basics because that will guide you in your journey of perfecting the craft.
  2. Photography is all about visuals so train your eye to analyze images from photography books, magazine editorials and travel images. This can help you visualize images in your head and learn how each one is composed and what makes it a great image. Training your eyes to see makes it easier for you to compose photographs.
  3. Observe your surroundings because it can help you with composing better images – seeing where and how light and shadows fall, how colour and texture plays together and how constrast can add depth in your photographs.
  4. Practice is important and learning how to work your camera can help you produce good images. Read your camera manual, learn the features and functions and try to apply each one when producing images. Learning them will enable you to not only create great images but it can also give you so much more possibilities in being creative.
  5. Never be afraid of asking for help or advise, and never ever get offended when your images are criticized because it is part of learning. Use it to challenge yourself so you can improve.
  6. Remember to always have fun because enjoying the craft and shooting from your heart, is what makes photography so much more worth it and believe me, it can help you create the most beautiful images.

It is not an easy journey but it is definitely a great one so I hope you guys enjoy every moment of learning! More about photography in the coming posts so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you want to see more of my not-so-street-style-photographs then head down to Instagram and hopefully you can share the love and follow me – MAHRYSKA

This GANNI dress has been an absolute favourite of mine ever since I got it from SHOPBOP a few months ago. It is absolutely perfect for the weather in Dubai, plus it is comfortable and so versatile that I can make it work day or night with a just a change in accessories.

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