i recently passed by the recently held FASHION FORWARD event. this is equivalent to fashion week which takes places in the wonderful cities of new york, milan, london and paris – dubai version. it showcases regional talent and brings together everyone within the fashion industry.

for some people, fashion week lasts all year…

it is now on its 6th season and although i only went for a sniplet of each day, i certainly have a lot to say. good things for my personal favorites of course. my only one regret is missing out the talk of THE SARTORIALIST which i was actually looking forward to.


the one companion i had during this entire week was the gorgeous FJORD timepieces. i am a watch lover and honestly cannot go a day without wearing one – perfectly pairing my choice to my outfit. the first watch i have had my eye on ever since i discovered FJORD was the CHRISTOFFER which was the much larger and masculine design. i love the stainless steel case and 44mm diameter. it may seem big for me but i love how it forms on my small wrists. my next choice was the gorgeous FINN which has a square face and stainless steel mesh bracelet giving it a great mix of both masculine and feminine design.

these two beautifully crafted timepieces made sure i was in-style and on-schedule for FASHION FORWARD.


the one thing that i love about this collection and the one before is its identity. it stuck to it and i believe a brand needs to maintain that. and i so love that identity. the great mix of casual/chic and masculine/feminine, each piece is a great investment that would last a lifetime because of its simple cuts, classic lines and gorgeous prints. now, let me go and get me some of those pant suits.


i cannot for the life of me get enough of this brand and its amazingly gorgeous pieces. i took notice of this name since last season for its very simple yet chic take on each and every single piece. i can see myself wearing everything and i am pretty sure almost every blogger i know would love this collection. me want them all. seriously. i need them all.


this is the first time i have heard of this name and i am honestly loving it. although there are other pieces from the collection, these gorgeous prints and cuts deserve the most attention and love. and yes, i would not mind having a piece or two.

my first outfit for the event was this gorgeous NORMA KAMALI dress from SHOPBOP (will share a different outfit post on it later coz it so deserves one on its own). i paired it up with my beloved PEDRO SHOES clutch and sneakers. yes. i do not wear heels for long events like this. simply because i am not crazy. and will not tolerate torture for my beautiful feet.


this designer has always been a favorite of mine. simply because i have seen how much it has grown and evolved since its first inception. i love how much detail she incorporates in her design season after season and how well she has maintained the classic clean lines and choice of beautiful fabrics. i already have a few pieces that have instantly caught my eye and would just love to wear.


as always, this designer deserves two thumbs up. i would give it more if i had more thumbs. the delicate feminine touch, the soft pastel shades, the intricate lace and simple, clean cut lines are a trademark with this brand which always amaze me season after season. it is beautiful in every sense.

my next outfit was a bit more casual. i came from a long day of shoot and knew i did not have enough time to dress up so i figured, why not be comfortable and just go in my pajamas. it was a sure head-turner. good or bad, i dont really care. i loved it. and it worked perfectly with my MARLA LONDON clutch and white oxfords from PEDRO SHOES.


need i say more? his name is known all over the world and his design will always be stunningly beautiful as he maintains his signature in each piece which is inspired by those gorgeous stained glass windows. a definite yes to the intricate detailing and beautiful embellishments.

my last outfit for the event was an edgy USHI SATO number which definitely caught the eyes of many people at the event. i paired it up with my silver clutch and chic classic pumps, both from PEDRO SHOES.


this deserves my finale. a huge turn-around from the usual couture pieces that this filipino designer is known for. i was there waiting for the show to start, expecting the usual stunning couture gowns but was stunned to see a ready-to-wear collection that was so refreshing to the eyes. from pretty pastel colors, mesh, lace and chiffon to the jackets and robes. it was so different. but oh so good. and oh so perfect. i give my beloved furne nothing but admiration for taking this leap of faith, and trusting his talent enough to try his hand on something other than big ball gowns and swarovski crystals. it was a beautifully crafted collection and i believe we will see more and more of this in the coming future.

so what do you think of the featured designers and collection? which one is your favorite and why?!

as always, my only comment would be the fact that FASHION FORWARD is yet to develop proper seating arrangement for VIPs, press and media and assigning badges according to accreditation and qualifications. i mean, if you have a front row seating of only 40, then only give out 40 seats accordingly to those who you feel are qualified for those seats. same goes for the 2nd and 3rd row. assign proper badges to bloggers coz sorry to say this, and i mean no offense coz i am a blogger, but they gave out blogger badges to everyone. and i mean, everyone! some were only blogging for 1 month, some didnt even have a blog and said they would start up their blog after the event. umm..hello?! they all went in and took the seats. what is the point in giving out your readership, demographic and statistics if you cant even qualify them for proper seats. plus the fact that you gave out VIP badges should mean you already know who and where you would like to have them sit down. also, assign someone who knows the media at the door who will guide them to their seat. not the ushers. coz those ushers dont know the media, they gave seats to everyone, with not a care in the world if those people were supposed to be seated there or not.

i had my blogger badge and VIP badge. and it did me no good. a more in-depth review would have been great, and falling in line is fine, but seeing as i had to fight and screw for the seat assigned to me, it was best to just let it pass – i honestly do not have the time or patience for that. give me the front. 2nd or 3rd row. or give me the upper deck, i dont really care, but assign the seat so it is more organized. so im putting in my faith with the team to hopefully work the seating and badges mess next time. or at least in the near future.

to sum up. it was another successful FASHION FORWARD SEASON 6 and a huge congrats to the entire team and lineup of designers. lets see how season 7 goes. and if i will be there again.