everyone wanted to know my little secret on how i can easily upload my photographs on social media in an instant. as a photographer, it is always important for me to capture my photos with the right gear. and as a blogger, i needed instant access to my photos so i can upload and share them immediately. so you can imagine my joy when EYEFI MOBI came into my life. check out the initial adventure with it – here.

this little beauty is the perfect blogger companion. seriously.

i put together a little video for you to see how easy it is to setup and use. all you need is your eyefi card, camera and mobile device. download the application, activate and connect. snap away and enjoy the photos that load instantly on your device as you shoot. browse, edit and share. as easy as making your morning eggs 🙂

and because i so love my followers…and the many bloggers who have asked me about this, i am giving away a few EYEFI MOBI 8GB SD cards. YES, you heard that right, i am sharing my little secret. all you have to do is leave a comment below on how this card can make your life just a little more fabulous.

entry deadline on or before 31st march 2015, midnight. good luck!!



  • Fatima

    Hello mahryska…i am fatima from i am a dubai based blogger and i am going to tell you why this card can make my life fabulous. Ive always loved photography especially if they were of me(lol). I even started photography as part time hence the reason why i started blogging. Bottom line is i love pictures and taking them too. I think this little giveaway of yours will really ease alot of seeing my pics ryt away on my phone instead of going through the laptop hassle. Hope i win.
    Btw…i love your style

  • Cai Mabala

    If I get the chance to win one of these cards, it won’t only make my life a LITTLE fabulous but SO MUCH. I’m a picture-addict and just want to click and click moments with my son. And this would definitely save lots of my time and have more click-moments with my son without the hassle of removing and uploading. I would really love to have this and enjoy the comfort of technology!

  • guchi

    So so convenient..

  • Monica Ramesh

    I have been blogging since past one year about my travels, gardening, cooking and always capturing things and people around. I think EYEFI MOBI cards are just perfect for me. It will save me time and instead of me emailing pictures to myself or transferring through USB this product can be a lifesaver. Pleasssseee choose me 😛

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Love love and love.

  • krissy

    Ok here I go ate, I lost my baby samsung camera way back on my last vacay in HK (such a loss right?) and I’m planning to buy a new one next month so I think your EYEFI MOBI would be my soon to be camera companion! :)) and seeing the video you’ve post, it will make my life like “OK DONE!” such a great way to easily transfer the files from camera to phone! 😀

  • shada nazeer

    I have got an slr camera has a gift for my birthday ,but its a big job for me to transfer all the photos from slr since i dont have a system . So i have not yet taken any photos in it .This EYEFI will be very usefull for me to capture my kids beautiful pictures and instantly send it for their grandparents through whatsup app .

    wish to win

    Shada Nazeer

  • This is perfect for a blogger like me who always out and about with events, meetings and shoots, impeccable device to use!!!

  • EYEFI-MOBI would be so incredibly useful for me – I can use it everyday for my Photography, blogging and uploading my ootd pictures in social media. Since I’m not yet ready to buy a newer camera with built in Wi-Fi then I could say the EYEFI-MOBI is for me. It will take all my headaches out of setup and makes it quit simple for me to transfer photos from my camera to my phone. Hallelujah! I should win! 😀 haha. thank you so much gorgeous Mahryska!


    • Cai Mabala

      feeling lucky! Happy Easter!