Now that you have a blog, the next question is…How in the hell do I get myself out there?! Ok well it is a seriously legit question. The fact that there are thousands of bloggers popping up every single day means you need to be on the top of your game to make sure don’t get swallowed down. Although there is no official formula to it, I believe there are certain things we as bloggers can do that can help establish ourselves in the market.


I do not know how much I need to emphasize on this but it seriously is one of the key things in a successful blog (in life itself if you ask me). Creating regular posts with quality content and value pretty much sets the stage for you in establishing yourself in the industry. If you produce quality material, readers will come back again and again, and you will not only gain a dedicated following but you will also get noticed by brands who may be on the look out for new talent.


You are going to be selling yourself. That’s right, you heard it. If you want opportunities to work with brands, then you need to learn how to introduce and sell yourself and your work. That means getting key contacts, presenting what you can offer to them as a blogger and pitching in new and exciting ideas. Attending events can also help a lot – but also make sure not to push yourself too hard onto anyone, any brand or any project. Social media has even made it so much more easier now for get your name out there so use it to your advantage. Build a great social network over on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter and everything else will surely fall into place. Oh and do note that your accounts should always be public.

*If privacy is an issue, then you may want to rethink your options because being a blogger means being able to open yourself up. But of course that does not mean you have to completely lose control of your own life. I believe in balance and although we may live very public social lives, we too need a little space and have a few boundaries. So learn how to keep certain parts of your life private, from your home, your relationships or your children. At the end of the day, safety should be a priority, not just for yourself but for those you love. You can probably open a different account for personal connections which you can separate from your rather public life as a  blogger.


Be open to collaborating with fellow bloggers, photographers and other people in the industry. It can open doors and the best part about it is that you get to meet some amazing people and probably learn a thing or two.


You may have a blog but how do you know that you are not the only one reading it? Probably your mom? Your boyfriend? Or your best friend? One of the key requirements of a successful blogger is having good readership and engagement. If you do not engage with fellow bloggers or readers/followers, how can you expect them to engage with you and read your posts? This is a two-way street so building readership/engagement means you need to also do your part in the relationship.