Ok. If you did not know already, it is summer all year long out here in the desert. Yes, the weather cools down at some point but it pretty much sticks to the sun shining brightly all day, every day. So, my wardrobe clearly works more for summer. And well, I am currently having a love affair with one particular brand this season. Faithfull the brand has been on my radar for a while now and recently got myself a few pieces from Shopbop.

I am totally inlove. And totally addicted. Their jumpsuits and coordinates are to die for!! Here are just a few of my personal favourites and believe me, I plan on getting all of them. Do you have a favourite? Hover on the links to view and shop!

  1. Tilos Jumpsuit – here
  2. Fleetwood Jumpsuit – here
  3. Pina Colado Top – here
  4. Majorca Maxi Dress – here
  5. Felix Jumpsuit – here
  6. Neroli Dress – here
  7. Phi Phi Dress – here
  8. Suns Out Dress – here
  9. Carlo Skirt – here
  10. Long Bay Romper – here