its a beautiful day. handed out those hand-painted eggs early this morning, had quiet time at church in the afternoon and now its prep time for a simple family dinner later. i believe the year is just about to kick start with this new and blessed beginning. for those of you who do not know, i am a roman catholic and very much devoted. i try to keep a few little parts of my life private and so i dont really go much into details about certain things – things like this. but from time to time, i dont mind sharing. i live in a muslim country and actually feel very lucky as it is open to practice my own beliefs out here, while respecting islam at the same time. i know issues arise all the time, most commonly outside of this country but one thing i can proudly say is that having grown up here only meant i was able to embrace the beauty of our differences. not only have i learned more about my own religion, i also got to experience other beliefs as well which i consider such glorious knowledge for my heart and soul.

anyways, its been a good day. and i wish you all a beautiful easter sunday.

ROKSANDA ILINCIC dress | H&M dress | EMILIO PUCCI sunglasses | YSL ring

photographs captured by belle foronda

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