summer gave us a huge hit yesterday and it is one of the worst things about living in the sandpit. imagine being inside an oven, slowly cooking you with heat that is burning like the fires of hell. ok. i may just be overdoing the description a tad bit. but seriously. dubai is a huge sandpit that burns during summer. i survive only because i go out early in the morning. stay indoors the whole day. and only go out again at night. and that is only to go back indoors again. because no one is their right mind will stay outdoors during summer.

anyways, because summer has hit once again i thought i would share a bit of the wind towers or the barjeels which are traditional architectural structures found within the arabian gulf. the structure acts as a ventilation system allowing hot air to rise out the top of it, and cooler directed winds to flow down. have not had first had experience coz honestly, everything in dubai is fully air-conditioned (even bathrooms and hallways). the only historical structures standing right now in dubai that features wind towers are within the bastakiya grounds which i so love to visit from time to time and have captured many of my regular outfit posts there. hanging out here is one of my favorite things to do and kudos to the people who have made it a point to restore and protect this area. and also made it much more beautiful by connecting it with art, food and music.

back to the outfit. these are “my tailor went crazy over fabric” look. only because there are a ton of people out there who dont understand the term “culottes”. oh and yes, those are my initials on the clutch.

BENETTON top | KOTON culottes | TOPSHOP slipons | DUNE clutch | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses

photographs captured by tinayums

mahryska_dunebag1 mahryska_dunebag9 mahryska_dunebag7 mahryska_dunebag4 _MG_9161 mahryska_dunebag2 mahryska_dunebag6 _MG_9478 mahryska_dunebag8