i have been asked this numerous times. and so i figured it is about time to actually sit down and discuss it. people always wonder about dubai. how they should dress up if they visit. will you be required to wear an abaya and all those other random questions. now you have to understand that dubai is a fairly open city. that means you are actually welcome to wear what you like – heck, this place is actually considered as the fashion hub of the middle east so the more fashion forward, the better. BUT. you need to make sure that it is still appropriate and decent. meaning, you need to take note that this is a muslim country. and no matter how open it may be and how giving they are, you need to respect their stand at modesty and ensure you are not offending anybody.

so let me give you a little note on the delicate issue of the dubai dress code…

those shorts that cover up only your ass? sweetie, those are meant for the beach. not the mall. and certainly not down the street. i know its hot. and i know you have the gorgeous legs. but there are other appropriate cuts to wear (like something that does not show your cheeks down there). shorts and skirts that are at a decent lengths work best. coz like seriously, nobody out here wants to see you wear cut-off shorts that have a hint of your tushy. so lets just say bye bye to those “short shorts”

baring your tummy no matter how great your 6-pack is can be best showed off elsewhere. like when you are working out at the gym or wearing a bikini at the pool. oh and they dont really care if you are wearing a fancy midi-skirt with that crop top. my best suggestion? wear this outfit for a private dinner within a hotel. not walking around the mall or the streets of dubai.

see-through dresses and shirts are better received at the beach as basic coverups. sometimes, you can even rock it in a bar. yes, you can go wear those tight, chest baring, see-through goodness at the many nightclubs. just make sure you have a coat or a shawl with you when the night ends so you can at least cover-up when you walk out in public late at night or shall i say, early in the morning.

that “i am coming out” shirt is not exactly family friendly. i dont think anyone out here would like to see twin peaks crowning out. let alone on the loose. if you know what i mean. so anything that shows too much of your cleavage is a big no. we already get you have them. and there is no need to show them off out here.

dont get me wrong, i am all for wearing what you want. im no hypocrite either coz i do love wearing shorts and those off-shoulder tops and see-through dresses. i am all for freedom. but minding what not to wear in a country like this, or any other country for that matter is not taking away your freedom to do so. it is all about being mature enough in your personal style to know how to carry yourself and how to dress appropriately, being considerate and respectful enough of the people and culture within your surroundings.

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