i have lived in dubai since i was a little girl and so it is only fitting to showcase my love for this country through the images i capture behind my lens. and so under a new category on my blog which features my small adventures – let me introduce to you a little place i love, one that is somewhat long forgotten by most expats but is loved by a lot of tourists and photographers like me, a place that blossoms with culture and heritage and is buzzing with so much beauty and character that is simply #mydubai.

come and walk with me as i explore a little bit of downtown old dubai using my beloved fujifilm xpro1 camera and test running the fabulous eyefi card which totally rocked my world coz every shot i took immediately transferred to my phone/ipad which made is easier for me to share on social media and blog in just an instant. a few of my bloggers friends went crazy upon hearing about it and went about checking on where they can actually get it. you can know more about this amazing memory card which you can now get for yourself on a previous post – here.

first stop is bastakiya which houses old structures that have turned into galleries and small bed and breakfast spots for tourists. two of my favorite cafes is the arabian tea house (they have the most beautiful and relaxing setup plus a great variety of tea to try) and xva gallery rocks with gorgeous interiors and artful detailing perfect for photoshoot (which is why you see a lot of them on fashion editorials). surely both venues are a must visit for anyone coming by to relax and chill out. sometimes, this place holds mini markets and art activities perfect for those in need of a little cultural insight. as you walk towards the creek, you will see the dubai museum which by the way, i have not entered since i was in grade school. huge tourist buses are packed by the street and you will see loads of tourists from all over the world lined up everywhere roaming and taking snaps. as you go inside the dark souq, you will see small shops that sells local items from textiles, aromas, plates, lanterns, spices and more. you have to get your bargain game on to score some great stuff. and believe me, you wont leave without any good stuff in your bag. as you close in into the creek, you will see the beauty of the little abras which are old transport mini boats that will cross you to the other side. you can ride for 2dhs (i think – last time i took a ride it was for only 50fils) but renting one privately for yourself is about 40dhs to cross the creek. you will also have to visit the creekside cafe which is situated just by the station and it is my ultimate favorite spot in the area. sunrise and sunsets are just absolutely beautiful. plus the food is absolutely yummy.

oh and since im technically a local, i feel very at home out here. plus im sure you have seen sniplets of this place on the blog various of times – i am one of the few who has guts to walk around this place comfortably and snap photos. so no, the people gawking dont scare me. just make sure you dress appropriately and bring loads of cash with you (for the shopping).

AEROPOSTALE shirt | GAP shorts | DUNE shoes | ZARA hat | BANANA REPUBLIC purse 

photograps captured using fujifilm xpro1 + eyefi card

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