well the weekend is finally here and a whole lot of work is about to pounce once again and smack down the middle of kick starting a busy summer. no complaints here. i am pumped with excitement. anyways, as you can clearly see. i live in the desert. somehow i always get asked whether the place is filled with sand. if there are camels walking around. and if women can drive and if they have to wear those black robes. ok well no. yes there is sand. mountains of them in fact. but you wont see them in the main city. in fact you wont even think you were in the middle of the desert if you were walking down the street because dubai has clearly developed so well that you kind of forget there is even sand. well not unless there is a sand storm of course. camels dont walk around unless you go to parks or distant farms. women can surely drive and we can definitely wear what we want. considering of course that it is still respectful and decent enough to wear in a public muslim place – meaning be mindful in showing too much skin. and those short bikini bottom shorts is meant for the beach and not the mall.

anyways, before it gets way too hot out here in the sandpit i figured it would be nice to show you a bit of our sand dunes. hopefully i can get myself there one of these days. for now, here is little old me in one of those desert corners in the city.

oh and do stand by for some MARLA LONDON love. i am currently putting together the new list of fashion bloggers who will be joining the AW15 campaign. below is a snapshot of the series i captured for the SS15 fashion bloggers campaign. these uae-based bloggers had a fabulous time picking up their marla london bag from the collection and worked their way down the streets of our beloved dubai for this shoot. make sure you follow me on my instagram for more updates on this project and do give me a shout out if you are based here and want to join the fun ♥

ICONIC dress | STEVE MADDEN shoes 

photographs captured by michael camarines

Desktop Lunettes de soleil Holly en acetate creme. - vue de 3/4. Lunettes de soleil Holly en acetate creme. - vue de 3/4. Lunettes de soleil Holly en acetate creme. - vue de 3/4.