THE CLASSIC NUDE from client meetings in the morning to a formal event in the evening | for me, a pair of nude heels is essential to any wardrobe. not only is it easy to work with from day to night, it can be paired perfectly with any outfit out there. these happen to be the most comfortable pair i have owned. i love the block heel which makes it easier for me to walk with and love the fact that the heel height is not too high. oh, and need i mention the fact that a pair of nude heels can elongate your legs?! 100 plus points for a woman like me who stands at 5’1″.

starting the week right with a huge smile on my face. only because another long weekend is coming up and just in time to welcome a brand new month. now, i dont exactly work a normal 9-5 job but i still have the same kind of wardrobe worries like the woman next door. for example, i hate carrying a load with me. and with the kind of lifestyle that i have, i am always in the need to bring along 2 pairs of shoes with me. one which i can actually walk around in and one which i can work with for a business meeting or event. now, one of the best things i learned with blogging is how to mix up my personal style and make it work for me and not against me. not to simply conform and settle with the hassle of bringing everything with me or going back and forth to simply change an outfit or buy endless numbers of shoes that will go with every single outfit or event.

i teamed up with PEDRO SHOES to feature my personal style and the 3 pairs of shoes that you will love to have in your wardrobe that you can work with – from day to night, with whatever wardrobe style.

tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe…

THE MANLY LOAFERS from errands to lunch meetings down to date night | i love fugly man shoes. it made a huge statement in the recent years and i am ever so grateful for it. the one reason why i love it is coz it is so so comfortable. the fact that it can actually work with outfits for business or pleasure makes it a great contender for a top spot in my wardrobe. i picked out this white and silver pair coz it is one great statement and believe me, it has never failed me once. every single place i go to wearing this beauty, and everyone asks me where i got it from.

THE SPORTY CHIC from brunch to cocktails with the girls | i could not be more grateful with the huge rise in sportswear in the recent years. the fact that every single brand is making its own take with it, creating looks that you can actually wear outside of the gym is huge. i personally wear my sneakers everywhere. making it work with my outfits, business or pleasure. and i think the key to this kind of style is balance. i definitely could not let go of this gorgeous pair as soon as i saw it in the store. the fact that it did not look like your basic sneakers caught my eye in an instant and i so love the print that went with it.

PEDRO SHOES featured in this post is now available in stores and you can also check them out online as well.

photography by princess lovella