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My most asked question is how I shoot my photographs.

To be honest, my background in photography is a huge help in being able to create some amazing images for my blog and Instagram (oh yeah shameless plug – follow me on Instagram @mahryska). Each image is curated and planned out with the hopes of creating something beautiful and interesting. The more creative, the more different and the more complicated the setup is, the better. Obviously I snap simple ones in between but most of the time, I do try my best to shoot and create some amazing images to share.

To me, photographs have always been a way to communicate. who you are, how you feel, what you love, and what attracts you. It is how you see life, the world itself and the people within your surroundings. That is why it is the perfect combination for my passion in personal style and fashion. I try to mix them together along with the random thoughts in my head and those fluttering feelings in my heart, and voila…

It is not always easy coz, to be h0nest, I do not have an overflowing wardrobe and sometimes I don’t have enough time or energy to conceptualize, prepare and shoot. That in itself takes days. Oh and lets not forget the number of hours I spend for post-production and the money I need to spent to actually go out and produce the images. This is just a fraction of the work that I do for my blog. And so, it is never really easy. But I do it coz I love it. It challenges me, it inspires me and it pushes me to learn new things and I get to experience and appreciate life a lot more.

Developing my personal style in the images I create took quiet a bit of time. Years to be exact. Right now, I am enjoying every bit of the work that I have produced and hopefully, I improve more as I learn along the way. Yes, I believe that I still have a lot to learn and definitely a long way to go. But hell, it is so much fun and I love every moment of it. Will be doing an exclusive VLOG about how I shoot my photographs so please do standby for that soon ❤️

How about you guys? Are you happy with the quality of the images you produce for you feed? How do you tell your story?



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  • Couldn’t agree more! Great post xx
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  • I absolutely love the images you have! It’s very much atmospheric and tell a story just with the pictures alone! I feel like images truly do speak a thousand words and it’s definitely super important how you curate an image! x


    • so true hun…thank you so much for passing by and promise to return back the love soon!! ❤️