I love creating spaces, places that feel good to be in. Let this be a place you can come to be inspired, stumble upon things that you love, and steal a few ideas and tricks along the way...

I must admit it has been years since I dabbled my toes into interior design. I love it with passion and enjoy discovering new designs, new spaces and giving some guidance from time to time to friends who ask for my help.

But as I welcome 2022, and with a determination to start fresh, I will kick start my new year by re-igniting my passion for it and diving in the profession I initially started with but never really explored deeply. So let me get myself ready to get down and dirty with this new journey and adventure in the world of interior design.

I will be sharing inspirations, ideas and techniques on how you can create your own beautiful space. Provide links and source guides to help you along the way. And will also be around for consultation.

I am excited. I am inspired. And I am determined to rock your space!

    INTERIORS bymahryska

    Consultation can include:

    • Furniture and home decor selection and placement
    • Floor plan layout
    • Stores and brands to consider
    • Styling (surfaces, sofas, beds, walls etc.)
    • Paint/wall treatments and drapery/window treatments
    • Cabinetry and built-ins
    • Fixtures, finishes and trims
    • Construction and remodel ideas