ever since i got the first delivery from crate & barrel, i knew i wanted to snap these outrageous photographs. i have this crazy head you see. thing was, they were celebrating their 5th year anniversary here in dubai and so they were sending teaser invites one by one in form of the many fabulous items you can find their store – from the latest collection. i basically had to wait for all 5 of them to arrive before i could do the shoot.

it took a me 5 minutes to conceptualize this shoot. about a month to gather all the material. shoot for a day. edit for a day. and voila. to one of my favorite places to shop for my home, happy 5th to team crate & barrel. and thank you so much for the additional love.

  • 1st delivery – one bottle with a love message because i am sucker for love
  • 2nd delivery – two picture frames because i am a photographer and cant stop making memories
  • 3rd delivery – a serving dish with 3 heads coz i always end up being the third wheel
  • 4th delivery – four white coffee cups because apparently i am addicted to caffeine
  • 5th delivery – trifle bowl because i dont have enough sweetness in my life

photographs captured by tinayums | concept & creative direction by mahryska

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