fall is finally here. today, we witnessed the first fog of the season, meaning the weather will change soon and obviously i got all excited. forgive me but i surely cant wait for the heat to cool down a bit out here. plus fall means new things for – layout adjustments, great new content and loads of fabulous projects. for other matters in my so-called-life, all is good and dandy. and busy as ever. i got to thinking today that i somewhat need an intern to help me out with things. i had to sit down the whole day today for sorting out emails and organizing my calendar. half of which i am still a bit confused on coz my brain was fluttering around from one thing to another. have you had instances like this? when you are so in over your head with loads of work and your mind just cant seem to concentrate? it is probably because of the long eid holiday that seemingly just breezed through.

if you are gonna kick ass, you need kickass shoes…

anyways, how are you liking my beloved KSWISS classic belmonts? figured i would share one of my favorite looks with it before i start posting my new whites which i got for this season.

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KSWISS belmont sneakers | ZARA blazer | GAP jeans | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses

photography by princess lovella