As you may already know, I have been using the amazing new OPPO F3 and it has been such great company. Being online almost 24 hours a day means I need a powerful mobile phone to work with and it has surely made my life a lot easier these past few months.

  • The design is so pretty and sleek that it works and blends so well with my lifestyle. It is the right size so it is not difficult for me to carry around and not too bulky as well which is great for my small hands.
  • It has great memory storage which means I get to store more of my images, videos and important emails and files which I may need being on the go so much and running a busy mix of my business and social life.
  • Transferring files has also been so easy for me with a simple drag and drop process which cuts my time in half in an instant.
  • Let’s not forget the amazing camera features. It’s wide angle lens makes all the difference. We all know how much I love capturing the entire scene for my OOTD shots and this phone has been amazing – giving me the ability to not carry my camera gear on certain events and activities and not limiting me to the images I want to capture.
  • My selfie game has also improved and with its own editing applications, I can now shoot, edit and upload instantly without going through so many different applications.

Look at the fabulously captured featured image…I wanted to test run the phone and see if its wide angle camera could capture the grand Burj Khalifa. I have always known that it is so difficult to get the full structure on camera and almost everyone I know has images with its top part cut off because it was just way too big. Well, can you imagine how much I jumped for joy when I actually got this shot? Taken from a low angle, the #oppoF3 captured this beautiful structure in its full glory and I am absolutely ecstatic!!

Now if you live in Dubai, you would know how difficult it is to capture some of the interesting architectures because they don’t always allow you to take a photo with a DSLR. So having a mobile phone that can do the job seriously does help. So when I tried using my #oppoF3 to capture my #ootd during a visit to Dubai’s french village, I was overjoyed to see how it turned out. Not only did we shoot with ease without worry of being harassed by security but the phone got everything I wanted with great quality photos perfect for sharing on my blog and social media.

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Do forgive me but I seriously need to improve my #selfiegame this year!

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