I was in high school. I remember that distinctly because it was a time when we were so bored out of our wits…we had nothing much to do and nowhere to go. Dubai is an amazing city but back then, it was totally different. There was not a lot of people (so it seemed like a small town rather than a city), there was no traffic (you could literally get to where you wanted to in 2 minutes and I am not even kidding) and there was no malls and cinemas (thus no shopping whatsoever).

How did I survive?! Not really sure how but I did.

And I guess a part of that was because BurJuman opened. It was one of the first malls built in Dubai and because I lived a few blocks away, I literally spent every single moment there. As soon as classes finished, me and my classmates went there to hang out. Weekends were spent roaming the entire mall with my family (it was obviously smaller back then but then to us it was already huge) and the best part? That is where I officially first started shopping. For myself. Because I was already in high school and I had a regular allowance, I would save up what I could and buy what I wanted. Obviously we did not have your current favourites H&M, Zara and Forever 21 but good old Benetton and Esprit was there to put delight in my heart.


Circa 1994/1995 captured with a few of my friends from High School roaming BurJuman mall right after exams to welcome our upcoming summer vacation. We were a cool bunch of mixed kids back then (One Filipino, one Indian, one Polish, one Armenian and one Portuguese) and it was one of the best things about growing up here in Dubai, you get to love and appreciate everyone from all cultures and backgrounds. And the one thing we all agreed on was that we finally had a place to hang out. I remember we used to just walk it out from School when the weather was nice. Those were surely the days!!

So you see, BurJuman and I have this connection. And it seems so surreal that I am here right now after so many years down the road and I get to be a part of their relaunch campaign.

The All New BurJuman recently unlocked and it is bigger and better. With amazing new outlets added to their lineup such as high street brands like H&M, New Look, Forever21 and Aldo to name a few. Plus, lets add to that the great new food court with loads of new restaurants to choose from. Oh and let us not forget the VOX Cinema and supermarket giant Carrefour.

My neighbourhood mall just got a lot more interesting and I love the fact that it is just a few blocks away so I don’t really have to go far to do my shopping. The fact that the metro is just around the corner makes it even more convenient and accessible for everyone in the city. Very cool right?!

Anyways, I witnessed their relaunch event which took place last Saturday, 3rd September where most of the outlets officially opened and a tonne of in-mall performances entertained they crowds as they shopped. It was definitely super fun roaming the mall like the old days and each turn I made reminded me of how much I loved being there and I honestly can’t wait to spend more time exploring and shopping.

Not only that, but because I wanted to share my love for BurJuman with you, I am giving away a goodie bag treat to 5 lucky readers. Simply head over my Instagram (@mahryska) and check out the competition details to enter. Deadline of submissions is on or before 12th September so make sure you head down over to the All New BurJuman and snap away a selfie of yourself shopping and exploring the mall and get a chance to win.


I have always loved the main entrance of BurJuman and it was great to see them revamp the old wing with a brand new entrance but made sure they maintained the original beauty of the mall. To me, those characteristics and architectural details are what made this mall extra special.

dubai-style-fashion-blogger-mahryska-burjuman-unlock-project-september-2016_mgp_9222 dubai-style-fashion-blogger-mahryska-burjuman-unlock-project-september-2016_mgp_9203 dubai-style-fashion-blogger-mahryska-burjuman-unlock-project-september-2016_mgp_9187 dubai-style-fashion-blogger-mahryska-burjuman-unlock-project-september-2016_mgp_9283


The activities took place last 3rd September during the relaunch event and the celebration continues throughout this month with a lot more activities and some amazing giveaways too, which you are definitely going to want to check out so make sure you head down over there.

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The All New BurJuman has now opened numerous outlets from fashion, beauty and accessories, down to electronics and home, covering all of your shopping needs. There are more stores opening this September which I am definitely going to look forward to.

 dubai-style-fashion-blogger-mahryska-burjuman-unlock-project-september-2016_mgp_9430 dubai-style-fashion-blogger-mahryska-burjuman-unlock-project-september-2016_mgp_9437 dubai-style-fashion-blogger-mahryska-burjuman-unlock-project-september-2016_mgp_9307


The food court is now bigger and better, with a lot more restaurants to choose from. Plus I love the fact that it is actually more brighter than before. The entire floor leads to the Vox Cinemas which I regularly go to on weekends for movies with my niece. Oh and did I mention that Pinoy favourite Jollibee is actually open here too? They are location on the ground floor near the main entrance and believe me, the long line never really ends.

dubai-style-fashion-blogger-mahryska-burjuman-unlock-project-september-2016_mgp_9387 dubai-style-fashion-blogger-mahryska-burjuman-unlock-project-september-2016_mgp_9395


Make sure you check out my instagram (@mahryska) for a chance to win a special goodie bag from BurJuman and Victoria’s Secret.

The old wing which was technically the new wing when BurJuman first initially revamped the mall still carries the original flair and beauty. My personal favourite would have to be the ceiling details and glass dome, and well, it will always be my spot coz that is where my favourite hang out is – Paul Cafe and Zara.



Feature is Exclusive to  BurJuman and special thanks to the entire team for making me a part of this amazing relaunch.

Photography by Princess Lovella