hello there. i am back to regular programming and one of the things i wanted to write about and share with you (more tips and tricks here) is an article on “blogger duties”. i get so many questions about how i keep up up with the lifestyle and figured it would be a good idea to note them down, especially for those who are just starting out in the world of blogging. it may seem easy. and absolutely glamorous. but nothing is what it seems behind the scenes. it takes a lot of work. and a whole lot of passion to be a blogger. and when you do it for the right reasons, and appreciate the kind of achievement and inspiration it can be, you will know how to make time for it and make it work for you.

– once you set up your blog, the first thing you have to do apart from making that commitment is to organize yourself. that is the key to making time for everything. get yourself an agenda exclusively for your blog so you can note down your schedule (which reminds me, i so need a new one on my desk), plan up your posts and project plus keep up with all the events. a good mobile phone to keep you in the loop is also good (thank you team huawei for my new phone).

– i cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to make sure you work on a good blog layout. it does help to inspire you to blog more. believe me. you can check out my tips – here on how to improve the visual aesthetics of your blog. keeping things clean and professional makes everything more worthy.

– regular posts are essential. seriously. and i mean seriously. you cannot call yourself a blogger and not post anything for a month. i am an avid reader of blogs and believe me when i say that i actually lose interest when a blog is not updated regularly. and i am sure all other blog readers feel the same way. so it is best to update your blog every other day to make sure you are always in the loop. if that is too difficult, then a post once or twice a week is good enough. anything less than that is blogger suicide coz you will most definitely lose out on regular readers and a good amount of traffic. and we all know how important that is. most especially now when there are so many opportunities out there. and yes i realize we all have our life and jobs to think about, which is why i asked you to get an agenda…this will help you get organized and be on schedule with the blog. oh and yes, i sometimes miss my blog dates too but we can let that pass from time to time coz life does get in the way sometimes.

– find a good photographer to work with. i am sure by now you realize how important photography is in the world of blogging so finding the right person to work with is essential because great visuals make a blog more pleasing to read and enjoy. be open for collaborations and sometimes finding a friend who may just be interested in photography can be a good idea. equipment obviously matters so make sure you use the right gear. i like shooting with a good 85mm or 70-200mm lens but from time to time i like to switch it up to a standard 50mm and wide angle lens to capture those gorgeous backdrops of dubai. note that working with one assigned photographer is also a good idea coz not only is it easy for your schedule, it also builds a standard aesthetic for your blog.

– set a shoot date for your outfits. yes. it is rather stupid to think all these bloggers shoot every single day just for their outfits. schedule your shoot at least once or twice a month (i do mine on weekends) and depending on the requirements, i schedule special project shoots on weekdays. i prepare at least 6-7 outfits for the every shoot coz that way, i have enough backup content. plus it makes more sense to shoot more outfits rather than just 1 or 2 coz i like to make full use of my time and getting more done in a day is always a good idea. oh just a note – my shoot usually lasts for about 2-3 hours. and scheduling makes it a lot easier for your photographer too.

– find inspirations. most especially for special projects and collaborations. pinterest holds a great range of ideas and i have a mood board every single time i set a shoot date. not only does my agenda get me organized, putting together a mood board gets me inspired to shoot and prepare for a blog.

– scout out for locations to shoot. it is a good idea to have set venues to shoot. i usually have my regular spots but once in a little while, i do them down my building. simply because it is a lot more comfortable to change. it is a requirement for me so whenever i find a new location, i always make sure i have a good place to keep my things and change my outfit. plus it makes it a lot easier when you are shooting several outfits. so a big no to changing in the car. not unless it is absolutely necessary. oh and if you live in the sandpit like i do, then it makes sense to find locations that have easy indoor facilities that you can access and lounge in while you are shooting. basically coz you will die of heat wave and i like my coffee break in between.

– plan out your outfits for every shoot. if it is not for a special project, i prep up random outfits i love to wear or have already worn that i want to share on the blog. a day before my scheduled shoot, i lay them down and make sure everything i need is prepared and packed as i would like them to be worn, down to the very last detail. yes, that includes your makeup, hair and nails. so the night before is usually a mini spa session for me. i prep my skin for makeup (if i do wear makeup for the shoot, get my nails done coz i seriously hate nails with chipped polish and well, i dont really do anything with my hair coz its useless – my hair has a life of its own). not only do you get to relax, you also get to catch up with yourself which is always a winner in my books.

– pack up everything neatly for the shoot (i have my reliable mini luggage that i roll around with) and dont forget your double sided tape and pins (mostly useful for outfit pull-outs). pack up your makeup to retouch, cleansing wipes coz you always need it for something, and a bottle of water to hydrate while shooting.

– apart from outfits, i usually set a day to shoot my flatlays and random things i want to share for the blog. i get deliveries every single day of the week and so i gather them up once every other week to shoot and plan up articles or projects. i mostly do these at mahryska HQ and if i dont use my lighting equipment, i have a huge window for some good natural light.

– once you have your content settled, spread them out and note everything on your agenda so you can keep track. which article you want to share on the blog, the date, and a few little details like quotes, inspirations or brand names that we tend to forget. i usually have drafts ready on my dashboard so i can just click “publish” even if i am on the go.

– i dont go to all the events or previews that i am invited to. i actually pick and choose. for one, it is important for me if i actually love the brand. private and intimate viewings and gatherings are always a winner for me. same goes with projects and collaborations. i am most definitely open to everything but i do not say yes to every email request i get and every project that comes my way. if i love the brand personally, if the project is interesting and if i know i will definitely benefit well, then it is a sure go. otherwise, i decline nicely. this way, i only concentrate on things that matter to me and the blog, making sure i maintain the quality of my posts so always remember that your readers depend on your for quality content.

– oh and it makes sense to prepare a good media kit for your blog. it will make your life so much more easier to coordinate and communicate with brands and agencies. will talk about how to make one later so stand tuned for the next post.

– last but not the least, it is good to remember this…you blog to create. you blog to share. you blog to inspire. and always remember to give some of that love to your readers.

hope these few little notes helped and do share your thoughts about it. would love to hear from you and if you have other tips to add as well…



ZARA top | MONROW skirt | SCHUTZ mules | 3.1 PHILIP LIM bag | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses

photographs captured by princess lovella