My feed has been going bonkers ever since I woke up this morning. All because Trump has been announced President. I have been reading through my twitter feed and my facebook timeline the entire morning and everyone is absolutely going crazy. I really don’t like getting into politics but I do believe that our voice will always matter. A huge chunk of my readers are from the States and I do wonder what your thoughts are about the latest Presidential Elect and well, about the future of your country…

I know I ask myself the exact same question every single day ever since our own President was elected just a few months back.

Everyone is so hyped up about this issue right now and well, to me, as much as we may all depend on our Presidents to govern and lead our country, I have always believed that it is our own people that matters most when it comes to the growth and prosperity of our lives and our country. Change, no matter how small it is, should always start from you. How we live our lives. How we raise our kids. How we dream and make those dreams a reality. It will never be easy. There will always be challenges. But we always hope and we always fight. Because it our right to do so. And those dreams? Well, they should never wither away nor should we ever lose hope for a better life, a better country and a better world for the future.

I have seen so many people react in so many ways today, some even say why bother when we are not Americans ourselves. But I tell you this though…we should care. I may not be American, yes. But caring about who are put into power in any country around the world should matter. Who rules and who have the power, affects not just one country but all. Not just its people, but the people all over the world. We rise together and we do and will fall together if we are not careful and mindful. If we are not educated and not supportive and together at heart in being able to build and prosper our world. A world free of hate and free of judgement. All united and all equals.

Now wouldn’t that kind of a world be so much beautiful to live in?

So much like the huge prints on my outfit, how big are your dreams? For yourself and for your country?


Little girls with big dreams become women with great vision…