a modern woman. born in the tropics. raised as a desert bedouin...

I first started blogging in 2005. Back then, blogging was purely an online diary used by people to share their thoughts and feelings. I used xanga and blogspot. A few years later, I started to stumble on style blogs and because of my love for fashion and style, I got hooked instantly. I loved seeing daily outfit posts, clothes styled by real people and getting to know these gorgeous women sharing their life and passion. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there wasn’t anything like this in the region, Dubai in particular. I searched online but nothing came up – no beauty or fashion bloggers at all. So, in my attempt to share this side of the world, I relaunched my website into a full blown blog –

I was technically one of the first bloggers in the region (Dubai) and because I had connections in the fashion industry, it was easy to get hold of PR contacts. Blogging back then was just at its early stages in the Middle East and nobody knew anything about how to market it, how to deal with brands or PR, or get in the momentum of collaborations and projects.

I remember one of my very first projects as a blogger – with Benetton. An international brand that I had history with. I used to shop at Benetton when I was in High School and remember how I saved up my allowance just so I could buy their logo shirts. It was amazing that with blogging, I get to work alongside the many brands I love and have a connection with.

My passion for photography was highlighted on my blog, as I shared many of my work. Soon enough I expanded into creative content and started sharing more editorial like images which then linked to Instagram. By this time, IG has already been making waves and although I started out pretty late on it, I was able to establish a great feed that I am truly proud of.

Years later, even after having started my YT channel way back in 2009, I never really got around to it as much as I did last year when I finally gave it a shot. Obviously it wasn’t as successful as I did not really anticipate how hard it was to manage all my profiles at once. I even have a Facebook and Twitter account that I hardly use or post at.

This year, I am celebrating another wonderful anniversary of my blog and although it is never always just peaches and cream, I am proud to say that my site has come a long way. From learning how to create a website from scratch, to changing designs on my own, to losing content and recreating them back, from relaunching and failing to keep up, but always coming back, always inspired, always inlove with being to create, style, capture and share.

In the end, that is what it’s all about right? To share. It was the reason why I started and to this day, it is still the reason why I continue. Paid or not, exclusive or not, influencer or not, I am simply here to share. And if you love it, can relate to it, or get inspired by it, then it was and is very much a success.

Much love to you, whoever is reading this..