it was a difficult week – mainly because ive been sick and well i am still sick stuck at home with no voice and a case of over-fatigue. hell season got the best of me and i am now taking a bit of time off so i can recover. me thinks i got the bad bug from someone during my last week of roaming around with work and events. anyways, since i cant really do much at the moment, blogging is my best escape. that is of course if im not giddy from all the darn medicine i am taking. figured the best thing to share right now is how crazy we really get in our life as a blogger…

– i usually wake up at 6am. even on a weekend. and although i would love to say that i workout every single day, i only actually do so twice a week. i mostly run (on weekends). i would love to do more training but i think im gonna need a proper coach so i can get on the kind of training and toning i actually need. will get to that later.

– my morning is never complete without proper breakfast. to me, that is the most important meal of the day. i love preparing heavy, good breakfast but sometimes, i do enjoy a little treat outside. plus the fact that it gets so busy during the day, its good to have a good meal before all the crazy.

– im a photographer and so im mostly on call for the day or work on events at night and well if ever i am home, i am for sure working on editing photographs. so technically, i knock on the blog for a little love whenever i am not booked for work. i am grateful though that since blogging, most of the work that i actually do is now directly connected to it.

– i assign a good time of the day to catch up with emails. the blog. and my social media. believe me, an hour for email is never really enough. i get an average of 500 emails a day. i am online most of the day – if not on my computer, or my laptop or my mobile.

– blog shoots and project collaborations usually take a good half day. i usually do them early in the morning or mid-afternoon. believe me, it isnt easy. most especially if its a special project coz changing from outfit to outfit isnt actually peachy.

– as a blogger, i get delivered tons of items from invites, clothes, accessories, perfumes, makeup and cosmetics. lets not forget the tech gadgets, flowers, the food and other random stuff – some cute, some weird and some downright fabulous. most of them are gifts, some are for review and some just for whatever. lets just be clear though that all the CDs and paper i get are all thrown out. i dont even open them coz i technically get them all on email so i dont really see the point so it pains me to see all that paper go to waste.

– when i dont have work or im not shooting for my blog, i do my errands. this is when i go about for meetings with clients or catch up with my friends at agencies or many different brands that i work with. i make my returns or pick ups. and well do everything else in between like followups and collections. will of course try and squeeze in a little mani/pedi in between when i can.

– then there are those days on the calendar (which is most of the time during this season) that i get invited for exclusive press previews. breakfasts. lunch. or dinners. meet with designers. brand ambassadors. these events or gatherings are my personal favorites. not only do you get first hand on everything, but nothing really compares to being able to meet such amazingly inspiring people. in all honestly though, i actually pick the events and gatherings that i go to. most of the time, i go to those that are more private and exclusive. intimate gatherings are always the best choice and well nobody really enjoys at mall or public events – most especially if they are on weekends. yikes.

– editing photographs takes hours. and writing a blog post is no different. i mostly organize my posts and schedule everything so i dont have a hard time. i would love to post updates every single day but that is not possible sometimes. putting together a post takes hours. first you have the idea. then planning up the concept. organizing the shoot and taking the photographs. selection and editing. and then the write-up itself. if you think the post will pop up in seconds, it doesnt. we bloggers actually put in a lot of time to do one single post.

in a nutshell…its one crazy life. one that takes up a whole lot of time, a whole lot of effort. and whole lot of love. and no matter how difficult it may be at times, i actually love every minute of it. here is to my adventurous life. and how beautiful it is. even if im a sick little ducking at the moment.

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special thanks to team PUMA for for fitness gear…


there are days when you get invited to an exclusive breakfast with a brand. how can you even say no?!


beastmode on whenever i am at work – my camera equipment is the love of my life. although i dont exactly carry them all every single day.


the best things i get on my desk are the makeup and perfumes. apart from the occasional clothes and accessories that come by my door. i make it a point though that i only accept those that i actually like, personally use or would like to try out.

B5_effected B2_effected

finding the perfect spot to shoot outfits is not exactly easy…


exclusive lunch preview with MOUAWAD jewellery at ZUMA in DIFC

B13_effected B15_effected B7_effected

a quick little break in between to catch up on some email, social media and probably a mani/pedi?!


private preview with the creators of ERICKSON BEAMON at HARVEY NICHOLS before the exclusive launch – such an inspiring team!

B11_effected B12_effected B10_effected B16_effected

a private VIP dinner party to celebrate the launch of THE KOOPLES – imagine being picked up by a private limo to a secret location. you are brought to a fabulous location that housed the latest collection of the brand where the evening was overflowing with drinks and yummy food, and the place was packed with absolutely great looking people.

B18_effected B17_effected B20_effected B19_effected