i recently went to the beach (even if my doctor strictly told me not to). i kinda live on the edge. ha. well anyways, i am honestly not much of a beach person. but i dont mind it from time to time. as long as its early in the morning like sunrise coz im an early bird and i dont usually stay past 10am. this month is actually beach season in the sandpits of dubai. im pretty sure by the time it hits next month, it will be way too hot to enjoy any vitamin D goodness. why?! coz you will burn baby. burn. burn. burn.

i know a lot of people are currently shopping for their summer beach escapades and so before the oven gets too hot, i figured i might as well share some of the beach essentials that i stumbled on at SHOPBOP. i have been scouting for the perfect swimsuit lately (i so desperately need a couple of new ones) and found several worthy ones…what do you think?!

you can check out the latest beach essentials here or click on the links below.

swimwear | beach bags | flat sandals

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