living in the sandpit means sand everywhere. and i mean that literally at this very moment. we just experienced the worst sandstorm today and it was zero visibility. scary. scary. good thing i was mostly indoors. but would have loved to have captured a few snaps of it though…hopefully next time. anyways, sandstorms only mean one thing out here – the burning heat of summer is about to kick in. and taking outfit posts are gonna be sure hell. good thing my favorite bastakiya corners are great during this season. loads of shade with a few hints of the sunlight in between for that playful light and a few cafes to chill out in with great food and refreshing drinks. will surely share more next time. for now, here is me preparing for summer. but still in black.

ZARA top | KOTON culottes | BANANA REPUBLIC purse | ZARA hat | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses | DUNE shoes

photographs captured by tinayums

_MG_9004 _MG_9010 _MG_8966 _MG_9038 _MG_8973_MG_9040i _MG_9031i



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