BURJ KHALIFA is the tallest man-made structure in the world, standing at 829.8m and is located at the heart of dubai. the building combines the beautiful ARMANI HOTEL, residences and offices.  a lot of you have asked about this glorious structure and it is surely one of my personal favorites. the observation deck which they famously call “at the top” is on the 124th floor (this is where i was at). it was actually my second time to go up there and also had a few dining experiences at the world famous at.mosphere restaurant situated at the 122nd floor. just a little note – the best time to go up is mid afternoon coz sunset is beautiful up there. but it is also the most jam-packed time. they also recently opened up a new viewing deck which is at the 148th floor. hopefully next time, i get to experience that too. so what do you think? would you like to go on top of the world?!

as you may have noticed, i have been out and about with culottes since late last year. i have actually worn them back in middle school. yes. it was in fashion back then and i could not be more happier. it was a favorite of mine and so when it hit the streets again, i was one of those who made sure i got my dose. they are super comfy and definitely super chic. plus it goes with almost everything – and you can go from casual, to sporty to formal by just mixing up your top and shoes. and because i needed something cool to move around with for my visit at the top, i knew i could count on my beloved culottes. me also thinks i need to get these altered a tad bit shorter.

anyways, i have scouted for some of the best culottes this season and found a number of them at my favorite online destination SHOPBOP, which by the way is the best place to find things you may just be looking for randomly – they honestly have everything! so back to the culottes. make sure to check them out – here before they all run out. so should i get another one for my closet?! what do you think?!

photographs captured by mahryska

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