Back to the grind today and well, we are just mid-way the hustle for this season. Today let’s talk about creating content. We all know how important it is if you are working in this industry to be up-to-date and consistent with your content. I personally shoot every weekend and whenever I have time in between to ensure I have enough on my plate stocked up just in case I am stuck with working on other projects or have my moments when I want to take a small break. Having ready content that I can easily and consistently share is one of the things I take seriously with what I do.

This was technically shot a couple of months ago. I have loads of material stocked up and I basically write up articles or plan up my instagram posts accordingly. When set projects come, then I basically squeeze them in between. This way, I don’t get stressed about content and I can take small breaks in between without sacrificing my work for the blog.

I set my schedule to shoot every weekend or every other weekend, preparing 3-5 looks to shoot and whatever project I have in between. I also have material that I just randomly shoot as fillers whenever I feel like it. I use Mosaico to plan my instagram and I prepare drafts on the blog and maintain an editorial calendar so I don’t miss posts that I need to do for the month.

Being organized is key and obviously keeping yourself inspired and determined to consistently create content is important. How do you manage creating content?! Do share your tips if you have any in the comments below ❤︎

  • Keep a time table or editorial calendar for you blog. I use Outlook Calendar to note everything down and it syncs perfectly on my phone as well. I also have a notebook with me at all times and on my desk coz well, I still like to write stuff and that is where I note my ideas.
  • Schedule a set date once or twice a month to concentrate on shooting and creating content. This way you can plan ahead for breaks, make time for family and friends without leaving the blog stagnant. Plus my photographer gets her weekends too.
  • Plan up your content. I technically plan up what kind of shoots I want to create to ensure I have my looks ready. Like this one for example, I knew ahead of time that I wanted to capture a nigh shot so we scheduled a shoot accordingly and I put together 2 looks that I can shoot within the same location so I can create several content and save time.
  • Make sure that when you do shoot/create content, you have enough material created for at least one week or two. That way you have material stocked up. Consistency is important so I try my best to post at least once or twice a day on instagram (to cover the timeline of my followers) and blog at least twice or three times a month, which means I require a whole load of content.
  • Use a feed planner like Mosaico (download at the app store) to schedule and plan your instagram posts. This can be addictive but oh so fun. Plus you can monitor how your feed looks like and you can ensure your images compliment each other perfectly.

Now I just have to create enough video material so I can actually manage to keep my YT channel consistent with new vlogs. Stay tuned as I get Back in Motion this 2018. Beyond excited of course.

Dress from Namshi | Pants from Zara | Shoes from Stuart Weitzman | Wooden Clutch from Urbanista