we all dream of being a princess. i certainly did. and well, as soon as i saw this beautiful ensemble by ALICE + OLIVIA i knew instantly i had to try it on. i fell inlove. and rightfully so. i mean just look at how perfect it is. and certainly perfect for iftar nights during ramadan. the detailing is just so intricate. the fabric is strong with such amazing embroidery, yet so fragile with the delicate sheer tulle in between. it is just so regal and obviously, i had to go out and shoot it in the most arabian setting i could find. the heritage village. a huge chunk of the place is actually being renovated so i was thankful enough that a portion of it was picture perfect when we got there to shoot.

oh and just a small note: this is not a dress. it is a two-piece ensemble. 

now, lets move on to some inspiring notes. i posted a teaser photo over on instagram and well, as presumed, everyone loved it. but one particular blogger noted if i was dying during this shoot and another one asked when was the best time to shoot, especially in this heat out here in the sandpit.

well, on the dying part, i say yes. i shot this last week and if you did not know, it is currently ramadan and so everyone is fasting. which means water is not allowed at all. you cant drink in public otherwise face a huge penalty and fine. so when you shoot outdoors, in this heat, it is beyond difficult. i dont really recommend it, but because i have high tolerance for it, considering i have been doing this for years, an hour shooting is a walk in the park for me. obviously no more than 1 hour of course coz i would probably collapse of heat stroke. i am in fact, no superwoman!

i am a princess. all girls are. even if they live in tiny old attics. even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. they’re still princesses. all of us are…

for those who want push shooting even during this heat, i commend you for your passion. my one tip to get you through this heat is to shoot at the right time. during winter, it is best to shoot early morning, avoiding the mid-afternoon sunset simply because there are more people out in the streets which can be distracting. plus we get beautiful light in the morning. but, if it is summer, like it is now, it is best to shoot in the mid-afternoon sunset rather than mornings because the sun heats up more towards midday making it more difficult. if you do insist on it, then it is best to shoot between 530am-7am. yes, as early as that because anything more than that is suicide. the sun tends to cool down a bit during this season and because it sets around 7pm-730pm, it gives you more than enough time to shoot. and dont worry about people. its summer, no one goes out.

anyways, here are a few notes to remember:

  • bring water with you and drink plenty. because it is ramadan, i make sure i take enough water before leaving the house to make sure i am hydrated enough for the shoot.
  • bring tissues, towel or refreshing spray which can help you freshen up in between takes.
  • avoid a ton of makeup. seriously, it will just melt. and if dont want makeup smears all over your gorgeous outfit. i usually just slap on a ton of moisturizer and sunblock. i sometimes dab on a little BB cream but not much else. a touch of lipstick and my ever reliable sunglasses basically finishes off my look. yes, that is all i do.
  • plan up your shoot so you know exactly what you are shooting (meaning set your outfits together properly) and where you want to shoot (location scouting prior the day is a good idea but if you dont have the time, then i suggest just going through the place for a quick minute or two so you know the good spots).
  • i know it may not seem like a lot of fun but honestly, once you see some great photos, it will always be worth it.

so if you must know. i shot this in the morning, not as early as scheduled it to be though. i woke up late. silly me. this was shot at around 9am if i am not mistaken. worst part?! i forgot my sunscreen. but look at the dress!! and the photos! so so worth it.


photography by princess lovella

how about you guys?! what time do you usually shoot for your blog? do share! we may learn from each other!!