Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do…

Developing my own personal style on the kind of content I share has always been a challenge. Most especially now that almost everyone shares pretty much the same thing. Same looks. Same flatlays. Same locations. My goodness even captions are similar too!

Have you heard of that blogger who literally travelled the world and copied each spot and look from another famous blogger? I mean even the position and angle. Like that is effort baby!!

I know. I know. We all want the followers. We all want the likes. And we all want to be accepted and loved for what we share. But it can burn us out if we pretend, if we put our efforts in being just like the other blogger who seems to have it all. That amazing feed. Isn’t it tiring to recreate a feed that speaks of someone else other than you?! I mean cmon, that can burn you out right?!

To me, setting yourself apart and creating content that is yours alone with your own signature and your own style, that which speaks volumes of who you are and your own vision makes more sense. This to me is key in creating the most engaging and most interesting stories to share on your feed.

It is a challenge for sure. And to be honest with you, it takes a whole lot of effort and a lot time in creating the kind of images I share just so I can be different and ensure my own vision comes out. I literally gather my outfits together every single week, scout for locations, and visualize each and every single shot, directing everything from start to finish. I guess this will always be the best thing about my blogging. Being able to challenge myself and learn something new every single time, with every single project. Plus being able to experience all the amazing things that come my way and develop some great relationships along the way with like-minded people, all of equally talented in their own right.

How about you? Are you also challenged whenever you create new content, one that can set you apart from the many thousands of other bloggers out there?!