i am sure i am not the only one who experiences this. with everything that goes on in life, how busy we all can get, how much we want to spend time with everyone, and squeeze in a little rest, we all cant seem to have enough time to do so. at first, it was all about complaints for me. days when you just want to scream out of frustration, exhaustion and a whole lot of confusion coz you cant seem to figure out what you need to do next from all the things you have to technically do. and all you can really think about 24 hours a day is how much you want to finish everything.

maybe wish you had a few clones of yourself?!

although i still get caught up in between it every now and then (me being only human of course so i kinda mess up on off days), i did learn to work on it. and well, it was all a matter of time. we all say that we dont have enough of it. but it is all about priorities. it is all about learning how to manage your day to day routine, organizing and delegating. and well, making sure that in the end, you make good use of your time, while respecting the time of others too (sorry, but i hate it when people are late and are never considerate). remember that time is precious. treasure it and make full use of it, because it is the one thing we can never get back.

because i value my own time, i have a slight weakness for beautiful watches. and well, this gal is currently under a very timely love spell with LARSSON & JENNINGS. i have been lusting over the classic CM series in silver since last year (the gold and black versions are on my next wishlist) and well santa came early when the lovely box arrived on my doorstep recently. it is the epitome of simplicity – which speaks volumes of my personal style. it is by far, the most delicate yet edgy timepiece i have worn and love how it works so well with my entire wardrobe, day or night.

Inspired by our home cities of Stockholm and London, Larsson & Jennings is an Anglo-Swedish label creating contemporary watches with combine classic British dress watch aesthetic with Swedish minimalistic design. All watches are unisex and Swiss Made – subtle, sleek and timeless with fine details. Classic styles feature handmade leather straps carefully chosen from select Swedish and British tanneries and further styles include Milanese mesh metal straps or sporty nylon straps. The luxury watches are all Made in Switzerland and feature crystal sapphire glass, Swiss quartz movement and premium packaging.

MAX MARA FW15 dress | MAX MARA FW15 vest | LARSSON & JENNINGS watch [order yours here] | KSWISS sneakers | MICHAEL KORS sunglasses

[ photography by tinayums ]