i am one lazy woman when it comes to makeup. dont get me wrong…i love makeup. and i love playing around with them too. but my very simple self actually prefer going bare. and if i do need to, then my usual makeup routine consist of a touch of powder and gloss. oh and im serious too. in the past though, i did use a ton of makeup because my skin needed the extra coverage. so imagine my happiness when after only two months of my treatments with KAYA SKIN CLINIC that i noticed i no longer needed the extra coverage. and i no longer require major editing on my photos. the happiness…

so when SHISEIDO sent over their latest for me to try out, i could not be more excited. the fact that the shade went perfectly well with my skin tone even made the experience better. because of my treatments, i am actually a lot more lighter (surprised at how fair i got in the past couple of months of avoiding too much sun). so the shade was just perfect and the powder was so light that it doesnt even feel like i have anything on. the glossy lipstick was also perfect (i dont actually like anything too nude or too bright) – just the right shade to add in a little color on my lips and keeping it moisturized at the same time. so basically, you will be seeing this duo in my bag for the next couple of months!! so this is it basically. my makeup routine. very simple. no mess. no fuss. care to share yours?!

photos captured by tinayums

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