i have been blogging since 2005, having fallen inlove with being able to share my thoughts, my vision and my creativity. the thought of being able to inspire someone else has always been something i was passionate about  – it is one of the reasons why i volunteered over 10 years of my life to teaching and sharing my love for the art of photography to the community. everyone thinks that bloggings is easy and simple, looks like a lot of fun and a rather shallow lifestyle (mostly for those who do not appreciate the art of style, those who does not see the beauty in fashion and for those who do not understand the huge business that comes with this industry). honestly? it aint easy. we work 24 hours a day, shoot outfits in the most difficult of conditions, weather and locations, and it takes a whole lot of knowledge in both fashion, art, photography and strategic business to be able to make a successful blog work. and yes, it is fun. with the most amazing people that you get to meet every single day, with the huge brands you get to work with and the many amazing experiences in between…how can you not have fun?! and the opportunities? my gawd. they are endless. so yes. i love this part of my world. i love what i do and ever so grateful for everything that has come way because of it.

creativity and passion is contagious, let’s pass it on and share the inspiration. dont forget to sprinkle a dose of your good heart in between…

being acknowledged is always a great thing and ever so humbled to be named by ILLUSTRADO MAGAZINE as one of the most influential filipinos in the region in their 100th issue which was recently published. they put together 100 filipinos who have made a mark in the region within their respective industries – from government officials, community volunteers, artists, designers and business entrepreneurs. with hundreds of fashion bloggers who have made their way into this industry, a huge fraction of which are filipinos, i am surely proud and honored to be considered as one of the most influential filipino fashion bloggers in the region.

it has not been easy and it still isnt easy to penetrate this market as a filipino blogger (dealing with racism, social class and numbers can always dampen a spirit but you soldier on). and as i said before, being a figure online is a huge responsibility and balancing your private and public life is not easy, but what matters most is that your love and passion for the blog continues, keeping up the great quality of work and amazing content. oh, and make sure that you keep your feet firmly on the ground throughout the journey (just wear better shoes)!

thank you team illustrado and huge congrats to another amazing issue! i am one #proudpinoy